Due to Covid-19 restrictions there are modifications to some of these programs. Please contact PWC for more information.
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Monthly Calendar


The Peachland Wellness Centre provides a number of programs to participants with a variety of Social, Physical, Emotional and Personal Wellness activities. 

And while there is no fee for any program (with the exception of Tai Chi), the PWC gratefully accepts donations.

We are grateful for the Volunteer Facilitators who give their time and talent to create and lead our Programs.

Interested in becoming a Volunteer Facilitator and starting up a new Program? Go to our Volunteer page and provide us with details!

PWC provides the opportunity for like-minded and like-spirited individuals to connect while learning about useful wellness resources to live healthier and happier lives.


Our Programs

Fairy Lights

Bereavement Support Group

Thursdays 10am (Year Around) - PWC Basement

This group, through compassionate understanding and thoughtful active listening, is here to help you work through the process of grieving. We don't define ourselves as a "therapy group" but rather encourage participation at whatever level people feel is appropriate for them; it is never intrusive. The support group is facilitated by experienced volunteers who generally have a professional background in one of the human services professions and experience in group facilitation. Learn more

Christmas dinner mailchimp.png

Community Celebration Dinners

Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving

Thanks to the incredible generosity of individuals and local business, PWC, and other local non-profit organizations come together to host a free celebration dinner. Participation is issued to Peachland residents who are spending celebrations alone or who are not able to prepare a special dinner  themselves because of health or financial constraints. No one should be alone for celebration dinners. Learn more

Aug 28 Pic Source_Peachland Phoenix to G

Community Gardens

Spring & Summer

Need an outlet for your gardening talents? Interested in growing your own vegetables? PWC, through the Community Garden program, provides infraestructure and information for individuals in Peachland to promote and enable sustainable garden practices so residents can grow their own food, herbs, flowers and meet other gardeners. Learn More

Using a Smartphone

Computer Literacy

At PWC (by Appointment)

Our Technology Volunteer provides a relaxed, 1-on-1 computer training session for beginners, based on your specific needs. Participants become knowledgeable across various technologies and functions: ranging from basic keyboard, tablet, computer functions, internet search/access, smartphone settings and apps, and general text and email instructions.

Topics do not include diagnosis and/or repair of equipment (these must be done by Technicians). Learn more

Support Group

Dementia Caregiver Support -AS

On Hold

In collaboration with the Alzheimer Society of BC offering a safe place to exchange information, support and friendship with others whose lives are affected by dementia. Learn more

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Device Loan

As Needed at PWC (by appointment)

Connects Peachlanders who have decreased social interaction or not able to leave their homes due to situations such as Covid-19, and may require a device to connect with the community, friends and family. Learn more

Reiki Treatment

Energy for Wellness

On Hold

Balance your physical, emotional and spiritual energy for vitality and wellness with an energy treatment from certified energy practitioners and some self care homework. Learn more

Indigenous World-2.jpg


On Hold

Outings to cultural events, dinners, or movie nights provide social interactions. Participants pay their own way. Learn more

Wellness Coach

Expressive Dance

On Hold

No matter what size, age or fitness level! Bring yourself, a willingness to move and to have fun. This is a movement practice that is free of judgement. You can not do anything wrong! Enjoy a variety of music from around the world. Come to connect to the aliveness and creative potential that is at the core of each one of us. Join the dance for fun, aliveness and connection. Learn more

Home Improvement

Fix-it Solutions

By appointment

Through PWC Fix It Solution Program, participants drop off a small household item needing repairs for reuse rather than sent to the landfill, . The item is repaired if possible and returned to the participant. Learn more

Family Board Game

Game Night

On Hold

Introduce your team! Click here to add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection. Learn more

Laura & Madeleine,Taxes & Transportation

Income Tax (CRA)

Completed for 2021

Qualified Tax Volunteers support the PWC in providing this Canada Revenue Agency sponsored Income Tax preparation program. Eligible individuals who are unable to complete their income tax and benefit returns by themselves will have their taxes done free of charge.  Learn more

IG Choir.jpg

Intergenerational Singing

On Hold

The Sunshine Singers meet at the Peachland Elementary School and sing together with young students in the classroom. Come and be a part of this extremely satisfying fun! Learn more


Ladies Coffee & Cards

Restarted June 4th - Fridays 1:00 - 2:30PM, 4th Street Place

Ladies come and chat, have a coffee and some goodies, and join in a game of cribbage. It is a nice afternoon of socializing, and so much fun. No experience necessary. Learn more

Buddha Statue


On Hold

Meditation is a mental exercise that involves relaxation, focus and awareness. It involves mental calmness and introspection ('looking within') . Join the PWC Meditation group, led by experienced Meditators, who will guide you through focus on breath, observing your thought patterns without judgment, and letting go of what does not serve you. Learn more


Monday Coffee Social Support

Restarted June 7th - Mondays 1:00 - 2:30PM, 4th Street Place

Ladies come out and socialize, enjoy hot coffee & tasty treats. Star your week right at the PWC by engaging with other women in the community & chat about the latest news & information. Good coffee, even better company - join the fun! Learn more


Musical Jammers

On Hold

If you enjoy music (playing or listening) stop by to be part of the Musical Jammers, or sit back and enjoy the music. New instrumentalist are always welcome. Learn more


Men's Coffee & Cards

Restarted June 8th - Tuesdays 1:00 - 3:00PM, PWC Basement

Friendly competition with a game of cards. Men socialize, have a coffee, and play cards. Or ust shoot the breeze! No experience necessary. Learn more

Singnig Group Feb. .jpg

Sunshine Singers

On Hold

This is fun sing-along choir that focuses on familiar songs, The important thing is to have fun! If you like singing in an informal setting, join us for an enjoyable afternoon of sing-alongs.

Everyone is welcome! Learn more

TaiChi 2020.jpg

Tai-Chi for Wellness

Restarted June 1st - Thursdays 9:15 - 10:15AM, Heritage Park

Tai Chi consists of slow, gentle, continuous moves that help develop stronger muscles, better balance and concentration. It allows you to reconnect with your mind, body and spirit as well as to strengthen your muscles, loosen your joints and fights stress. Beginners and newcomers are welcome. Learn more


Wellness Circle

On Hold

This program facilitates exposure and knowledge on a variety of health and wellness topics in a safe and comfortable environment. The open environment encourages friendship and camaraderie between participants. Our Volunteer Facilitators arrange a variety of informative health-related topics and dynamic speakers, inviting you to learn more about nutrition, relaxation and alternative therapies. These sessions do not provide medical advice and we urge participants to contact their physicians before starting any alternative treatments. Learn more