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Meet our Board
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Board of Directors

The Peachland Wellness Centre could not function without the incredible support of our dedicated Staff and volunteer Board of Directors.
PWC Board - Kym Martin



Kym Martin holds a Master’s degree in Education and has over 17 years in the public sector working in the national security and public health portfolios.  Prior to joining the public sector Kym worked in the non-profit, front-line services community. While highly valuing the experience gained in the public sector, Kym’s heart and soul have always resided in non-profit, community-based organizations. Kym is a passionate advocate for mental health and volunteers her time supporting the implementation of legislation and increased services for individuals and communities struggling with mental health challenges.



Vice President

Barrie and his wife, Pam Foxall, moved from Vancouver to Peachland in 1994. During a 40-year youth and family counselling career, Barrie volunteered for several non-profit societies and charitable organizations. During his tenure as president of the PWC Board in 2006, the ‘Age in Place’ initiative led to the creation of the ‘Residence on Sixth Street.' Barrie renewed his PWC membership in 2021 and was invited to the PWC Board of Directors in May 2022.  “The Peachland Wellness initiatives will set the standard of community services delivery.”




PWC Board Director




PWC Board Director




PWC Board Director

PWC Staff

Or team is small but mighty! We are dedicated to making your experience with our Programs & Services the very best it can be.


Executive Coordinator

I have represented operational groups in the board room and have contributed to board activities on all levels, from strategic planning, to committee work, focused on all aspects of the organisations and their development. I support initiatives with professional staff that are and will deliver outstanding services and programs in a sustainable and positive working environment. I have learned a great deal from my work, I look froward to contributing to PWC and to being part of its future.

Monday to Friday



Administrative Coordinator

In the past, I was the Administration and Program Coordinator for the Peachland Wellness Centre (PWC) for ten years.   I retired two years ago but have been working off and on for PWC, during that time.  I really believe in what the PWC stands for and how they are committed to the community of Peachland with their Programs and Services.  I am glad to be back assisting as the Administration Coordinator, two days a week and look forward to seeing you.

Tuesday Thursday

Jacqui Nuttall.jpg

Jacqui Nuttall

Adult Day Service Coordinator

I have lived in Peachland since 2017 and started volunteering at the Wellness Centre the same year. I am a retired RN and felt my skill set would be a good match with the Wellness Centre. I was hired as Services Coordinator in March 2018 but needed to step away in 2020.

Now it's 2023 and I am excited to be resuming my role as Services Coordinator. Services include Better at Home, a government subsidized program that offers assistance with light housekeeping for those 65+. We also offer a transportation service, a Friendly Caller service and outreach.

We have contracted with Interior Health Authority and offer an Adult Day Service twice a week for people at risk of losing their independence. Registration is through Interior Health.

Please feel free to call me if I am able to assist you in any way.


Monday Thursday Friday



Events Coordinator

 I was born and raised in Australia and have now resided in Canada since 1990 and still have the accent!
After recently relocating to West Kelowna, I was looking for a new opportunity as I stepped away from an Executive Directors role in a nonprofit Seniors Housing organization. I have 20 plus years’ experience with seniors housing, healthcare, programs, and services.
My position as Events Coordinator with the Peachland Wellness Centre is very appealing to me given it is a grassroots organization and all the wonderful programming the Centre is involved in. The vision, mission and core values of the Peachland Wellness Centre resonated with me and working with the community is and has been very important to me.

My personality is conducive to being caring, compassionate and open to help clients, staff, and volunteers wherever needed, and I love working in an inclusive office environment. 
Serving the community is and will always be my passion.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 



Program Coordinator

I moved to Peachland in 2018 and was introduced to the Peachland Wellness Centre by attending their Open House.  

After learning about the programs and services the Wellness Centre offered and the benefits this organization gave to our community, I joined as both a member and a volunteer.      I’ve had the opportunity to help with the Jerry Dober Sunday Breakfasts as well as various events throughout the years.

Having a strong sense of community and previously being a member of the Board, when the position of Programs Coordinator became available, I was excited to take this on.    I am looking forward to working with our great team of staff and volunteers to re-start the Jerry Dober Sunday Breakfasts, the Community and Intergenerational Gardens, as well as other new programs on the horizon….. please stay tuned.


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday



Volunteer Coordinator

Originally from Victoria B.C. my husband and I moved to the Okanagan 33 years ago. Upon retirement we relocated to Peachland in 2019.

I have volunteered in different areas for over 25 years. My career went from Food Service Supervisory positions to Pharmacy.

My husband and I are enjoying the next chapter in Peachland.



Dawn Boys

Adult Day Service Coordinator

 I’ve lived in the central Okanogan for 17 yrs.

I’ve worked as a personal trainer & rehab assistant over the last 30 plus yrs and I’m also a IAYT yoga therapist.

I have the pleasure and honour of supporting and sharing yoga and nature in this beautiful community.

As well as working for the city of peachland teaching yoga therapy, I have a great community of nature lovers who join me in foraging hikes, aqua yoga and taking care of our watershed.

I love the seasons, gardening, snowshoe racing and cooking local foods with friends and family. I also have a line of body care products that I sell at the peachland farmers market.

I enjoy working with the staff and participants in the adult day program on Mondays and Thursdays.

It’s great to be part of the wellness centre and the community programs that they provide to make this town a fabulous, healthy place to live.


Monday Thursday


Louise 'Lou' Brown

Adult Day Service Coordinator

Louise has lived in Peachland for 2 years and loves this community. Louise has a passion for working with the adult, getting to know them, and learn from them. In a previous life, Louise was a Registered Nurse. Retirement has allowed her to spend time playing Pickleball and hiking with her husband and dog, not to mention visiting a few wineries! 


Tiana Baerg.jpg

Tiana Baerg

Adult Day Service Coordinator

I have lived in Peachland for 9 years. I am a certified Health Care Aide and I love working at the Adult Day Program. This program gives much needed respite to caregivers and gives our clients social and cognitive stimulation. Our clients have a feeling of community when they attend and interact with their peers.


head shot.jpg


Adult Day Service Coordinator

I moved to Peachland, from North Vancouver, in 2020 with my partner Geoff. Upon moving, I started to volunteer at the Peachland Information Centre, which really helped me get to know this community. I worked as an Education Assistant at West Van Secondary for 21 years and retired early due to the pandemic. I volunteered as a tennis coach at the high school during that time and enjoyed my years there. I am really enjoying Peachland and am happy to have met so many wonderful, friendly people.


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