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PWC has always been there to provide a listening ear, a big healthy hug, a shoulder to cry on, and a binder full of resource contacts to solve the problems as they come along. PWC is proud to offer a diverse selection of programs, services, volunteer opportunities, resources and so much more. The Peachland Wellness Centre is a grassroots organization run by staff and a volunteer Board of Directors. We offer programs and services that are otherwise unavailable in our community. We are a hive of activity and a haven of respite and caring for many.

Vision Mission Core Values

Our Vision

"People in our community are supported to embrace a happy, healthy and independent life"

Our Mission

"The Peachland Wellness Centre (PWC) provides programs and services that connect people through support, education, information, referral and outreach. PWC values volunteers and collaborates with other community members, organizations and the District of Peachland

Our Core Values

  • Collaboration

  • Compassion

  • Dignity and Respect for all

  • Financial, Environmental and Social Accountability

  • Financial Sustainability

  • High Quality Programs & Services

  • Inclusiveness and Diversity

  • Open and Honest Communication

  • Professionalism

  • Recognition of all Contributions

  • Safe Place and Confidentiality

  • Team Spirit

  • Volunteerism

Our History

Our History

The Peachland Wellness Centre (PWC) started with a Task Force comprised of three individuals: Phyllis Papineau, Chris Scowen, and Doug Armitage, along with a $4,000 grant from the Community Health Advisory Committee in early February, 2001 for the development of a Health Resource Centre (HRC) in Peachland. The District of Peachland graciously provided the location, an older house in the central downtown area, providing the feeling of stepping into a comfortable and welcoming home. Fund raising, donations from local service clubs, volunteer support, and the creation of a Board of Directors all took place prior to the official opening of the Peachland Wellness Centre on November 21, 2001. This grassroots non-profit organization has grown over the years, with its strong group of volunteers, staff, Board of Directors, and community partners, and its focus on enabling people in our community to enhance their quality of life.​

Read the full story

Our Impact

Our Impact

People in Peachland are provided opportunities to enjoy increased social connections, and are supported in embracing a happy, healthy, independent life as a result of PWC programs and services. The PWC 2019 Evaluation Report summarizes our results:

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# of incoming calls

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# of volunteers

Team Building


# of drop in visitors

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# of participants across PWC's 5 Service offerings

*Read the 2019 Evaluation Report for full details.

Board of Directors

The Peachland Wellness Centre could not function without the incredible support of our dedicated Staff and volunteer Board of Directors.
Board of Directors
PWC Board - Kym Martin



Kym Martin holds a Master’s degree in Education and has over 17 years in the public sector working in the national security and public health portfolios.  Prior to joining the public sector Kym worked in the non-profit, front-line services community. While highly valuing the experience gained in the public sector, Kym’s heart and soul have always resided in non-profit, community-based organizations. Kym is a passionate advocate for mental health and volunteers her time supporting the implementation of legislation and increased services for individuals and communities struggling with mental health challenges.



Vice President

PWC Board Director

Female anonymous profile.png



PWC Board Director




PWC Board Director




PWC Board Director




Barrie and his wife, Pam Foxall, moved from Vancouver to Peachland in 1994. During a 40-year youth and family counselling career, Barrie volunteered for several non-profit societies and charitable organizations. During his tenure as president of the PWC Board in 2006, the ‘Age in Place’ initiative led to the creation of the ‘Residence on Sixth Street.' Barrie renewed his PWC membership in 2021 and was invited to the PWC Board of Directors in May 2022.  “The Peachland Wellness initiatives will set the standard of community services delivery.”

PWC Faces
PWC Staff

PWC Staff

Or team is small but mighty! We are dedicated to making your experience with our Programs & Services the very best it can be.


 I was born and raised in Australia and have now resided in Canada for 32 years and still have the accent!
After recently relocating to West Kelowna, I was looking for a new opportunity as I stepped away from an Executive Directors role in a nonprofit Seniors Housing organization. I have 20 plus years’ experience with seniors housing, healthcare, programs, and services.
My position as Services Coordinator with the Peachland Wellness Centre is very appealing to me given it is a grassroots organization and all the wonderful programming the Centre is involved in. The vision, mission and core values of the Peachland Wellness Centre resonated with me and working with the community is and has been very important to me.

My personality is conducive to being caring, compassionate and open to help clients, staff, and volunteers wherever needed, and I love working in an inclusive office environment. 
Serving the community is and will always be my passion.

Monday to Friday



My name is Sherry Kendrick and in the past, I was the Administration and Program Coordinator for the Peachland Wellness Centre (PWC) for ten years.   I retired two years ago but have been working off and on for PWC, during that time.  I really believe in what the PWC stands for and how they are committed to the community of Peachland with their Programs and Services.  I am glad to be back assisting as the Administration and Program Coordinator, one day a week and look forward to seeing you.



Originally from Victoria B.C. my husband and I moved to the Okanagan 33 years ago. Upon retirement we relocated to Peachland in 2019.

I have volunteered in different areas for over 25 years. My career went from Food Service Supervisory positions to Pharmacy.

My husband and I are enjoying the next chapter in Peachland.



Kelly Patterson

Kelly’s family moved from Vancouver to the Okanagan in 1972. After completing her post-secondary education, she married a fellow Peachlander and raised a daughter. She is excited to return home to Peachland after a 10-year stay in Alberta as an administrative assistant in an Intensive Care Unit. Kelly is an avid kayaker and cyclist and can frequently be seen doing laps of Beach Avenue on her e-bike. She is looking forward to positively impacting her community in both her roles at PWC.
Monday, Thursday, Friday



Hi there,  my name is Rona and I am a long time resident of this beautiful town, Peachland.  I've served in this community for 20+ years thru my work with Interior Health.  I've raised my 4 girls here, and fostered many others for different lengths of time.

I'm a lover of music & singer, songwriter when time permits.  Love fishing, and a good laugh.

I'm happily currently involved with the Adult Day Program.



Kyle Billinton

Having lived in the Okanagan for 21 years, Kyle recently graduated with a bachelor of science within the field of psychology. A fan of exploration, music, and sport, he seeks to expand his horizons however possible. Kyle aims to help others, with the hopes of one day being a Psychologist himself. He is excited for the opportunities that the PWC provides, and looks forward to being a part of the community!



Hello my name is Linda Whittome and I'm very  happy to have joined the team working Monday with a great group of clients in the Adult Day Program .

My husband Jack and I have lived here in the great community of Peachland for seventeen years, we have five children and are blessed with grandchildren that have kept us very busy.

I started  my career in nursing on the coast of B.C. and later retrained into this incredible position of recreation. I have enjoyed working with clients that have shared their stories, lots of laughter and adventures with me and too me at some lovely facility's  IE: Peace Arch Hospital, Evergreen Baptist Care facility, Fraser- view Care facility and Summerland Seniors Village. I joined the team at Peachland Wellness Center two yrs ago and with a little time off I am looking forward to bring my experiences and energy  back to the team.



Frequently Asked Questions

Membership & Program Participation

Do I need to be a member to participate in the PWC Programs?

Any Peachlander can join any of our Programs. While there is no specific fee for an activity, as a non-profit organization we welcome your donations.

What is included when I become a member of PWC?

Membership with the PWC helps support the many programs & services offered to the community of Peachland. Your membership provides you with a vote at the AGM to have a voice in the happenings of PWC. Membership is $15 in 2022. Please contact PWC to become a member.

How do I register to participate in a Program?

Contact PWC (250) 767-0141 to learn more.

Where do I find a calendar schedule for the PWC programs?

Subscribe to our E-Newsletter (at the bottom of this page) to see our Monthly Activities Calendar and updates, or go to our Programs page for more details.



Am I elegible to participate in all Services available from PWC?

Participation in our Services require a needs assessment review by one of our Services Coordinators. Contact them at PWC (250) 767-0141. For some Services, potential participants are assessed based on financial eligibility and individual needs. NOTE: Our supportive services are not designed to replace any medical or health professional services.

Is there a fee to use the PWC Transportation service?

There is a nominal charge for transportation to cover fuel costs. Other costs incurred are your responsibility, such as parking fees.


What volunteer roles are available at PWC?

There are many ways you can volunteer at PWC, based on your interests and time. You may want to join a Committee, become a Facilitator or Friendly Visitor, join our Admin team or become a Volunteer Driver. Simply sign up HERE and we will be in touch.

What length of commitment is required for volunteers?

While there is no specific duration for volunteers, the PWC kindly asks those who choose to become a Facilitator to remain with us for an extended period since strong and lasting relationship will ensure that our Program activities remain available.


How can I donate to the Peachland Wellness Centre?

You can donate to PWC online through our donation page, arrange for E-transfer to wellnesscentre@shaw.ca. You can also simply call the PWC at (250-)767-0141 and arrange a time to drop off your cheque or cash donation. More donation options here.

Does PWC accept "Planned Giving Donations"?

Planned or Legacy Giving is the donor process that involves making a charitable gift during a donor's life or at death that is part of his/her financial or estate plan. PWC graciously accepts these types of donations. Contact us to discuss such arrangements.

How is my donation to PWC used?

As a non-profit organization, PWC relies on donations and fundraising in order to provide the staff and facilities that support our many Programs & Services.

If I make a donation will I receive a tax receipt?

PWC provides donors with a tax receipt for donations $25 or more.

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