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Community Gardens

A great place to grow your food and meet other gardeners. 


Also, support the Peachland Boys & Girls Club as they grow their own garden in our backyard!

The Grass is Greener Where You Water it...

Community Gardens have a tremendously positive impact for residents, neighbourhoods, communities and the environment! 


Community Gardens are said to be one of the most powerful tools we have to help build our families and neighbourhoods. They help to make us and our communities resilient. 


Community Gardens have ecological, social, nutritional and economic benefits.

Don't have space at home to grow produce?

PWC through the Community Garden program provides infrastructure and information for individuals in Peachland to promote and enable sustainable garden practices so residents can grow their own food, meet and socialize with others in a communal setting.

The Volunteer Garden Facilitator helps Participants to learn how to grow, nurture and harvest their own food following sustainable gardening and water practices.

To Get a Garden Bed at PWC:

  • Contact the PWC to be in included in the wait list, by phone or fill the form below.

  • Once you have been assigned a garden bed you will receive the Guidelines. Their purpose is to help reaching the expectations  of the Participants and enjoy the gardening season.

  • Yearly donations to PWC are gratefully accepted from Participants. These funds may be used to offset some of the costs of PWC programs.

  • The garden beds are assigned each year, and will be reassigned to other participants for the next gardening season, unless you request otherwise to PWC, before the end of February.

  • We have tall and ground garden beds. They will be assigned according to wait list dates.

  • During the summer we encourage you to volunteer for our Spring wrap up Garden Party, around the Community Garden.

Thanks for your interest in having a garden bed in our Community Garden. You will be contacted according to availability and the wait list.

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