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Fundraising and Events

We host a number of wonderful community supported events and fundraisers each year to help raise funds and awareness for PWC. Whether you are a gardener, a baker, crafter or shopper, there are lots of things that you can get involved with. From being part of an organizing committee, or socializing at a breakfast with friends, there is something for everyone! Donate, volunteer or attend one of our many community events throughout the year that support the work we do.

Thank you for your donations and support.


Jerry Dober Breakfast

Walk For Wellness
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Jerry Dober Sunday Breakfast

The Sunday Breakfast was founded by the late Jerry Dober who saw a need in the community to provide those in need with an affordable meal to start their day.  Jerry set it up with money from his own pocket and began his cooking adventure. Soon it was a success as others helped out and the patrons grew to include all community members. It is now a reliable fundraiser for the PWC.  Learn more


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PWC Walk For Wellness

Registration Open

Registration is now OPEN for the Walk for Wellness Fundraiser.  Walking has so many benefits for the mind and body, too many to list but a few include the prevention or management of heart disease, stroke high blood pressure cancer and type 2 diabetes, plus it is not a bad way to lose some winter weight, improve energy levels for your golf season and of course it will do wonders for you mood, attitude, cognition and sleep. Learn more


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Christmas Craft Fair

Saturday November 30, 9-3

Peachland Community Centre

Registration begins September 2, 2024

The annual Christmas Craft Fair is a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season. With over 70 vendors this event is always well attended and enjoyed by many. PWC gratefully excepts donations as an entry fee, as this is one of our major fundraising events for the year. Learn more


Community Celebration Dinners

Year round

Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Thanks to the incredible generosity of individuals and local business, PWC and other local non-profit organizations come together to host FREE celebration dinners throughout the year. No one should be alone for these special days.

Learn more

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