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"As a friendly visitor I wasn’t really expecting it to be so rewarding. My reason for committing to this position was to fill a need within the community not realizing that I myself would get so much in return. Very soon after my visits with this lady began I realized that Teri really hit the nail on the head when she matched the two of us. We quickly formed a bond and love our time together sharing stories, laughter and occasionally, the odd tear. 

 I lost my own mother in 2008 and there has always been a void in my heart since her passing.  After my weekly visits, I feel that part of that void has been filled by being able to spend time with a lady that is close to the same age my mother would be.


I feel blessed to have met her and look forward to many more visits with her in the years to come."



"I initially signed up for this program because I thought it was my time to give something back and recognized that eventually, I might also need to rely on such services.  What I didn’t expect, was what enjoyment I would receive back from the experience.  I was paired with a wonderful, caring, unrelentingly optimistic and grateful gentleman.  We share a common history of life on the farm in northern Alberta.  We spend hours chatting happily about the good old days of work horses and threshing machines.  We laugh and exchange stories of cold outhouse seats and hard to catch ponies.  In summary I have made a new and wonderful friend and look forward to our weekly visits."


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