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Games Night

One of the best ways to quickly and effortlessly level-up friendships is to create a shared experience.

Date: On Hold

PWC hosts fun in-person game nights through a Volunteer Facilitator who selects the games and organizes participants.

Donations gratefuly received.

Here’s why game nights rock:


  • Learn together. Especially with trivia games you end up tackling new challenges.

  • Play together. Remember play dates? Remember how fun it was to play with your friends at recess? Game nights are adult play dates.

  • Laugh together. It is so rare as adults that we actually get to laugh with other people. We might laugh at someone’s post on social media or laugh at a YouTube video, but often that happens alone. There is something about laughing with a group that is unforgettable.

  • Get out of your comfort zone together. If you are playing a game or someone is trying to do charades it can be out of people’s comfort zones. And a little adrenaline is a good thing.

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