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Bereavement Support Group

Find compassionate understanding, active listening, and larn to work through the process of grieving.

We're Here For You... 

Date: Every Thursday (Year-round)

Time: 10:00 am -12:00 pm

4th Street Place, 4475 4th Street

Every week of the year, this group of individuals connects by something that transcends their differences – they have all suffered the loss of a loved one, and are struggling to cope.

How the Group Works

The group doesn't define itself as a "therapy group" but rather encourages participation at whatever level people feel is appropriate for them; it is never intrusive. The support group is facilitated by experienced volunteers who generally have a professional background in one of the human services professions and experience in group facilitation.


Through the group, people suffering from a loss learn to work through their grief with compassionate understanding and active listening. 

Coffee and goodies are served.

Everyone is welcome. 

For more information please contact PWC.


Donations are gratefully received.

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