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Allow us to take you to your appointments in a safe, stress-free and organized manner. Or get your groceries & essential items delivered to your place.


Date: Monday - Friday

Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm


This service provides rides, grocery shopping pick up & delivery, to people in Peachland who can no longer drive and are unable to use public transit, taxi service, or are currently isolating to prevent Covid-19.

Admin Support Volunteers take down participant arrangements and book rides with our Volunteer Drivers.

The PWC transportation service must not be used in the case of an emergency and can not replace emergency services. If you are in need of emergency care dial 911.

This is not either a convenience service but rather available for those who are unable to get essential items on their own, if you don't /can't drive, or are self-isolated.

Volunteer drivers use their own vehicles to drive residents of Peachland to appointments, shopping, banking, or to do grocery shopping pick up & delivery for them; allowing individuals to stay longer in their own home and within the community.

PWC screens volunteers to ensure safety of everyone. 

Our drivers are volunteers giving of their own time. There is a nominal charge for this service to cover the cost of fuel. Other costs incurred are your responsibility, such as parking fees.

How do I become a Transportation participant?

In order to book a ride, you must first become a "participant". Call PWC at (250) 767-0141, to provide your information (name, address, phone, etc.). Once included on the participant list, you can begin to use this service.

How do I book a ride?

Call at least 48 hours prior to the needed ride to book a transportation service. You will be asked for destination details.

How do I get my groceries delivered if I am isolating?

If you are in need of a delivery (groceries, restaurant meal, medication, or any other essential item you are unable to get on your own), PWC will arrange for that to happen. When you call, we will gather the information required, this includes working with you on the payment details. i.e. if it is groceries, we can place an order online for you, if it is a prepared meal you will call in your order directly to your place of choice and pay them directly, then call PWC with the details. We will request whenever possible you call 48 hours before you require the item to ensure we have time to get a Volunteer Driver to do your delivery.

What trip locations are included in this service?

Our amazing volunteer drivers will cheerfully drive around Penticton, Summerland, Peachland, West Kelowna and Kelowna area.

Can I choose a specific Volunteer Driver or vehicle type?

We will try our best to accommodate your suggestions, however, Volunteer Drivers and vehicle type can not be guaranteed.

How can I become a Volunteer Driver?

Please fill out the volunteer form and PWC will contact you.


"The most enjoyable aspect of being a PWC Volunteer Driver is talking with the participants"

—  Mark

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