REMEMBER: Wildfire evacuation alert/order preparedness information can be found online at www.cordemergency.ca/beprepared.


Wildfire season is nothing new to most who have lived in the Okanagan over the last 20 years or so. This year, it hit us close to home again with residents of Glenrosa and Peachland thrown into chaos by the Mount Law wildfire.

Here at the Peachland Wellness Centre, we are continually evolving our programs and services to meet the needs of our community, and ensuring you get the information you need. The time to plan for an emergency, whether it be wildfire season or any other that may arise, is not during the chaos.

First and foremost you are responsible for making an emergency plan and need to have one in place at all times as you never know when an emergency will arise.

Seniors may need to think about preparedness actions above and beyond the “basics”.

Most importantly, take time to create a trusted support network of at least three people to assist during an emergency. Give them keys to your home and add their contact information to a shared emergency plan. You should also advise members of your support network of any health conditions or medications, and show them how to operate specialized medical or mobility equipment.

Part of your plan will be to have a Grab and Go Bag in case you need to leave right away. Suggested items are listed in the household emergency plan.

Steps to take when affected by a wildfire:

  • If you choose to leave your home before an evacuation alert or when you have an evacuation alert issued make sure you register with Emergency Support Services (ESS) by calling 250-490-4225 or online at www.emergency.rdos.bc.ca/ess and let them know you have left your home.

  • If you receive an evacuation ORDER place a note on your door as you leave indicating that everyone has left your home (with pets/animals or not) so that Search & Rescue, Firefighters or RCMP know that your home is empty, secure and they can move on or assistance is required. When you leave please register with Emergency Support Service IMMEDIATELY at your designated ESS Centre.

Please note that the Fire Department, RCMP and Search & Rescue tactically check people first to make sure that all residents are out of the evacuated area. Security is also deployed immediately to protect ordered evacuated areas.

If you live in a residential building, please check with your building Manager as to the emergency plan that is in place for your building.


The PWC is always available for you to contact by calling (250) 767-0141 Monday to Friday between 9:00 am - 3:00 pm to get information on available resources, programs and services. The PWC partners with many organizations to ensure the help you need is available.

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