When Life Takes a Turn – Claire’s Story

For most of us, life slowly chugs along with gradual changes and minor bumps in the road. Some, however, face a significant life-changing circumstance that dramatically alters their path.

Claire (not her real name) has been living in Peachland for over fifteen years, and currently lives alone. She was recently diagnosed with kidney failure, which now requires her to visit Kelowna General Hospital three times a week for kidney dialysis. Coping with dialysis is a highly stressful time. Adjusting to a new regime, while keeping up with household responsibilities, can be exhausting.

It was suggested that Claire move closer to the hospital. Taxi costs, to be picked up and dropped off 3 times a week, would equate to hundreds of dollars; funds that Claire just did not have. She loves Peachland, and really didn’t want to move. Family isn't close by, so she reached out to the Peachland Wellness Centre for help.

The PWC offers a transportation service, where volunteer drivers use their own vehicles to drive Peachland residents to appointments. A suggested donation from participants is asked to cover the cost of fuel. In Claire’s situation, a personal donation was not possible, and because of the continuous need for transportation, PWC reached out to other donors and grants to help reimburse volunteer drivers for their gas expense.

“My life had taken a total turn. I really needed help. I am so thankful for the Wellness Centre. Not sure what I would have done without them”.

During this time of giving, PWC would like to thank all of the volunteer drivers who have reached out to those members in our community that need our help. Drivers themselves also receive a gift each and every time they participate. Andrew (not his real name) is one of the volunteer drivers who take Claire to the hospital each and every week.

“I look forward to Thursdays with Claire. It feels good to help, and makes me happy to be part of the PWC volunteer driver service.”

Become one of the 12 Donors of Christmas! Your donation to support PWC impacts our community by allowing us to help others. Your generosity helps us reach our vision to ensure that people in our community are supported to embrace a happy, healthy and independent life.

Go to the PWC donation page at CanadaHelps.org, select the Donate Monthly option and then continue with your much appreciated on-going donation. You can also arrange for E-transfer to christina.pwc@outlook.com, or call the Peachland Wellness Centre at (250) 767-0141 for assistance.

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