The New Normal

Updated: May 29, 2020

As we all come to the realization that COVID-19 will be with us for quite some time, we are all wondering what the “New Normal” will look like in the near and distant future. The World Health Organization (WHO) informs us that our transition to “new normal” during this pandemic must be guided by public health principles, and others remind us that “we are in a marathon, not a sprint”.

Ultimately, the behaviour of each of us will determine the behaviour of the virus. As we continue to ease back on our physical distancing restrictions, we must be cognizant to the facts that only a small number of people have been infected with COVID-19, we are not sure that those who have had this illness are now immune, and we currently do not have a vaccine for this virus.

COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work and interact. We will be able to revert to old habits in the coming months, or it may be a year before things can return to the ways they once were. We may decide to completely stop old habits and incorporate the new ones that we’ve learned and practice during this challenging time. Things like washing hands, not touching our eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands, coughing or sneezing into the bend of our arm, staying home when ill, and giving people space. The outdoor line-ups to enter grocery stores have taught us patience. The hearts and kind words we see posted in homes across our community remind us to be loving and thankful. Not bad habits to hold onto.

At the Peachland Wellness Centre, we are patiently waiting for the day when we can open our doors and welcome everyone in our community to participate in our many Programs and Services. Right now, however, we must remain vigilant and continue to connect from a distance. To help our participants stay in touch with us we are asking Peachlanders to donate to our PWC Connects: Tablet Drive.

PWC is asking you to donate your new or used tablets so that someone without access to this technology can remain connected. If you do not have any tablets, PWC is also accepting monetary donations for tablet purchase. Go to the PWC donation page or Peachland Chamber, arrange for E-Transfer to christina.pwc@outlook.com, or call PWC and make arrangements to drop off your cheque or cash with one of our staff members at our safe drop-off site. Simply call the Peachland Wellness Centre at (250) 767-0141 before stopping by.

Thank you for supporting us so that we can support the Peachland Community.

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