Self-Care This Summer

You might have heard the term “self-care” before, but what does it really mean to you?

Over the past year, we have been advised from left and right to “practice self-care”, but sometimes, this can seem like another burden on a list of to-dos. Here is a list of some unconventional ways to take care of yourself that you may not have heard of before:

1. Prioritize YOU. Yes, YOU!

The unselfish art of prioritizing yourself is tricky but necessary. Give yourself the attention, compassion, time and energy that you deserve- because when you are a happier, healthier person, that will be shared with the ones you love too.

2. No, you don’t have to reply to that text/email/phone-call right away!

3. Yes, you can eat that slice of cake!

We all know healthy eating is really important. We shouldn’t cake everyday, and probably should try not to eat the whole cake. But there can be simple joy in enjoying a slice of cake with someone you love.

4. The dishes will still be there after you go to the beach.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes “self-care” becomes me cleaning my house. Cleaning can be therapeutic, but there are moments where it’s good to realize that the dishes aren’t going anywhere. The laundry will still be there. But the sunshine, blue sky, and warm summer breeze won’t be.

5. Small goals can be powerful.

Make goals that are so small, they are almost ridiculous. Go look at the flowers in the garden. Read that book that has been untouched on the shelf for years. Bake that recipe that’s been on your mind. Explore that area you’ve always wondered about.

Self-care might be a cliché, but it really is important.
Re-define it for yourself.


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