Random Acts of Kindness Day – February 17th

Got the February Blahs? During this month, after we have watched the first beautiful snowfall, enjoyed the holiday season, and put away all our decorations, some begin to feel down as the weather stays cold and the number of sunny days is limited.

Even people who don’t have the condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can be impacted by shorter days, longer nights, lack of sunlight and bone-chilling cold.

But while it is cold outside, you can be warm and sunny on the inside. Go into your heart more. Do the things that warm your heart and make your light shine and radiate.

February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Acts of kindness during the coronavirus outbreak can help individuals who are struggling during this uncertain time. The added benefit of helping others is that it is good for your own mental health and wellbeing. Doing good does you good!

The challenge many of us are facing today is how to give support from a distance. Everyone has the opportunity to perform a simple act of kindness. Maybe do something like this:

  • Call a friend that you haven’t spoken to for a while

  • Tell a family member how much you love and appreciate them

  • Make a cup of tea for someone you live with

  • Help with a household chore at home

  • Tell someone you know that you are proud of them

  • Send a motivational text, or a cute animal picture to a friend who is struggling

  • Take in your neighbour’s garbage bins, or shovel their driveway

  • Offer to skill share with a friend via video call

  • Spend time playing with your pet

  • Donate to a charity or foodbank

Think about treating a friend or family member to an impromptu food delivery from one of our fabulous Peachland restaurants. This gesture will not only make your friend happy, but will also help local business.

This Valentine’s Day (February 14th) expand your list and send e-messages to all the people that make you smile. On Family Day (February 15th) give extra hugs to the people in your “COVID bubble”, and send virtual hugs to those you can’t currently be with.

The Peachland Wellness Centre is always looking for volunteers to help with the programs and services offered to our community. Current COVID rules that require us to be physically apart during the pandemic mean that our “volunteering in person” opportunities are not possible. However, you can still be a “virtual or distant volunteer” helping with our Transportation Service, Grocery Delivery Pick-up/Drop-off, Friendly Phone Caller, and Administration positions. Sign up today to become a PWC Volunteer https://www.peachlandwellnesscentre.ca/volunteer-opportunities

And finally, remember to be nice to yourself. After you’ve done good for others, be kind to yourself. That long-overdue soak in a bath scented with essential oil is a great start and will enhance that warm glow of kindness you’re already feeling.

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