PWC Community Garden

The gardens at the Peachland Wellness Centre (PWC) are in full bloom and bursting with beauty! California poppies, sunflowers and hollyhocks to name a few.

The PWC Community Garden Program provides the infrastructure and information for the members of our community to promote and enable sustainable garden practices. This offers Peachland residents an opportunity to grow their own food, meet and socialize with others in a communal setting, while still maintaining a safe physical distance. A great way to improve personal, community and environmental wellness.

If you’re short on space or perhaps find gardening intimidating, the community garden offers a wonderful space as well as the support to grow healthy and delicious foods such as vegetables and herbs in our pollinator friendly garden. Pollinators aid in providing pollen and nectar, allowing important animals to continue pollinating our crops. Butterflies, hummingbirds, bats and even wasps, all play an active role in the pollination process. Pollinator gardens are also helpful in helping to control unwanted insects. Gardening is a great way to reduce the risk of diseases such as stroke, osteoporosis and strengthens the immune system!

The glorious summer season in the Okanagan makes gardening a very popular pastime. We have added an additional five xeriscaped (low water) garden beds and would like to welcome both old and new gardeners alike. Our Volunteer Garden Facilitator is here to help participants learn how to grow, nurture and harvest their own food following sustainable gardening and water practices. Our gardeners and garden volunteers take great pride, promote respect and peace in the beauty of our gardens.

To get a garden bed at the PWC Community Garden, please contact the PWC to be added to the waitlist or fill out the online form located on our website https://www.peachlandwellnesscentre.ca/community-gardens. We have both tall and ground beds available. They will be assigned according to waitlist dates.

Have an over-abundance of produce from your at home garden? The Peachland Food Bank is gladly accepting extra fresh produce Fridays at Noon from our generous community gardeners wishing to help build a sustainable community. Yearly donations to PWC are gratefully accepted from participants and are used to offset some of the costs of PWC programs.

Under the restraints of COVID-19 it is nice to know that the community gardens at PWC are also a safe place to visit while socially distancing. Some PWC programs are meeting in this space as well. You may see people under the gazebo with distance between seats and face masks in place in order to be able to be together for short periods of time.

For further information contact PWC at 250-767-0141.

A garden is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul. -Sadi

Submitted by: Darlene Romanko and Alaina Vollmershausen (PWC Volunteers)

Picture Source: Peachland Phoenix

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