Introducing PWC-Connects!

Peachland Wellness Centre Connects (PWC-CONNECTS!) is an exciting new program starting up in Peachland this summer!

One thing the pandemic has taught us is the importance of human connection for a healthy lifestyle. Research in neuroscience and sociology tell us that social connection is closely linked to cognitive and physical health (Eisenberger & Cole, 2012). Laughter, smiles, and gathering with family and friends can sometimes be the best medicine!

Social distancing measures to mitigate the harmful impacts of the pandemic have kept ourselves and our loved ones safe. However, limited contact with friends, family, and caregivers has created a difficult gap in our lives. Many people are experiencing loneliness, isolation, and anxiety (Xiong et al., 2020).

One of the ways that health authorities recommend coping with the pandemic is keeping in regular contact with loved ones virtually, such as through video platforms like Facetime, Whatsapp, or Zoom.

We want to help Peachlanders stay safe and connected to their loved ones. To do so, the PWC-Connects program will provide free tablets to seniors in Peachland who are currently unable to connect with family and friends virtually.

We have approximately 15-20 tablets to provide.

Requirements of the program:

1. The program will provide individualized training and orientation by trained volunteers in order to ensure you get the best use of the device.

2. Participants of PWC-CONNECTS will join our upcoming Virtual Wellness Circle. Held on Zoom, the Virtual Wellness Circle will be a monthly event where we host speakers on fascinating topics related to health and wellness.

3. If you are not using the tablet, we ask you please return it to the PWC for another person to use.

We might be apart, but you are not alone. Let us help you connect to your loved ones and community. Contact the PWC for more information and to sign up for your tablet and training!

We are also looking for volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering with this program, please contact the PWC!

Check out the link below for helpful resources on coping during the pandemic from the World Health Organization: https://www.who.int/news-room/feature-stories/mental-well-being-resources-for-the-public

Contact us!

Peachland Wellness Centre

4426 5th Street, Peachland, BC V0H 1X6

Phone: (250) 767-0141



Eisenberger, N. I., & Cole, S. W. (2012). Social neuroscience and health: neurophysiological mechanisms linking social ties with physical health. Nature neuroscience, 15(5), 669–674. https://doi.org/10.1038/nn.3086

Xiong J, Lipsitz O, Nasri F, et al. Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on mental health in the general population: A systematic review. J Affect Disord. 2020;277:55-64. doi:10.1016/j.jad.2020.08.001

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