How your donations help: Phill's Story

When people donate to a charity, it is important for them to understand how their funds are used and recognize that their contribution reaches the people or causes they really want to help.

As a registered charity, the Peachland Wellness Centre has the opportunity to secure government grants to help pay for staff salaries and administrative costs. This allows for funds secured through individual donation and fundraising events to be disbursed directly against the costs involved in providing programs, services, and resources for those in need.

As part of our 12 Donors of Christmas monthly donation drive, we want to share our stories, show how your donation positively impacts our community, and say “thank-you” on behalf of PWC and our participants. The stories are true; however, in order to protect the privacy of participants, their names are fictitious.

Phill’s (not his real name) Story

PWC reached out to Phill, who was referred initially by a social worker. At an elderly stage in life, with limited finances, and no family or close friends, Phill needed community support. Through your donations, PWC assessed his situation and developed a service plan to provide solutions to some of his difficulties:

  • Outreach – immediate financial support assisting in food purchase

  • Transportation Service – volunteer drivers take Phill to his medical appointments

  • Grocery Service – Phill’s physical limitations require grocery pick-up and delivery

Thank you to the volunteer drivers and the donations provided to help pay for financial support and Automobile cost reimbursement. The PWC support staff are continually in touch with Phill, helping him as best they can. Phill wanted to express his gratitude to PWC for the services provided to him when he needed them most.

“I found the Peachland Wellness Centre to be non-judgmental. They assisted me professionally and with kindness, making me feel at ease and safe. They are there for me whenever I call”.

Your donation to support PWC impacts our community by allowing us to help others. Your generosity helps us reach our vision to ensure that people in our community are supported to embrace a happy, healthy, and independent life.

Go to the PWC donation page at CanadaHelps.org, select the Donate Monthly option and then continue with your much appreciated on-going donation. You can also arrange for E-transfer to christina.pwc@outlook.com or call the Peachland Wellness Centre at (250) 767-0141 for assistance.

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