Helping Hands - Joe's Story

Life is not easy for many people and Joe was one of those people. He dropped into the Peachland Wellness Centre not knowing where else to go for help. He was facing some very scarry and important work that needed doing but he didn’t have the technology or know how to get what he needed or to figure out where to start. No computer, no phone (land line or cell) and financial troubles left him with little options to deal with his dilemma.

We in Canada and especially in Peachland have a lot to be thankful for. And living in a small community that cares about its residents/neighbors is one particularly important one. When people come to the PWC with issues or problems that they need help with we roll up our sleeves and get busy. Everyone pitches in and assists in getting things sorted out.

In this situation, access to a computer, fax machine, scanner and phone was critical in helping Joe look after his many issues. He needed to connect with several different government agencies to help him tap into the many benefits that he was entitled to. As most of us know this can be very challenging – trying to navigate phone tree systems to try and find a human being, hanging “on hold” for long durations of time, printing and completing forms and the list goes on and on. Over a series of visits with us we made our way thru the many systems to get all of this sorted out. It was critical for his Medical Services Plan and Premium Assistance, Income Tax papers, GIS, OAS, etc. Once all this was done, he was able to receive the income he deserved, pay his rent, food, etc.

Joe has gone on to use the PWC randomly and doesn’t attend any of our regular programs but has never forgotten the help he received at just the right time. Despite his tight financial situation, he came by the other day to give back what he could in the way of a cash donation. We know this is not easy for him, but it makes it even more special to all of us.

During this time of giving, PWC would like to thank all of the staff and volunteers who have reached out to those members in our community that need our help. People like Joe received a gift of help and in return gives back so others can get help.

Become one of the 12 Donors of Christmas! Your donation to support PWC impacts our community by allowing us to help others. Your generosity helps us reach our vision to ensure that people in our community are supported to embrace a happy, healthy, and independent life.

Go to the PWC donation page at CanadaHelps.org, select the Donate Monthly option and then continue with your much appreciated on-going donation. You can also arrange for E-transfer to christina.pwc@outlook.com or call the Peachland Wellness Centre at (250) 767-0141 for assistance.

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