Dementia Support - One Family's story

Whether you become a caregiver gradually or all of sudden due to a crisis, many emotions surface when you take on this job. On good days, caring for someone can be a gift to both you and the care receiver. On bad days, one often has the feeling of wishing you didn’t have to be there. Caring for someone with dementia can be even harder, as the care receiver can be irrational and argumentative. Many feelings come up when you are caring for someone day in and day out.

The Peachland Wellness Centre is proud to partner with The Alzheimer's Society of BC to provide a caregiver support group and Interior Health to provide Adult Day Services (ADS). The Dementia Caregiver Support Group helps caregivers by offering meetings with professional volunteers and staff and others who are experiencing similar life changes. The Adult Day Service is designed to help individuals remain at home while supporting caregivers by providing a range of health, personal, social and recreational services in a safe and caring environment. While the care receiver participates in this service, it provides the caregiver respite or temporary relief from the emotional and physical demands of caring for a loved one.

One Caregiver who takes part in the support group for themselves and greatly values the respite they get when their parent is at ADS says its lifesaving. The clients view of ADS as summarized themselves:

This client is eagerly awaiting the reopening of the ADS program. As a client, living with his daughter and suffering with mobility issues, they are longing for the physical, emotional and cognitive stimulation offered daily in the ADS program. He benefits greatly from the stretching, breathing and various exercises provided. The physical activity and movement helps strengthen his body and improves circulation. He also greatly misses the social aspect of the program. He enjoys being an active and engaged member of the group. The cognitive stimulation is also very beneficial to his overall wellbeing. He is happy to participate in the various fun and exciting games offered. This wonderful ADS Program truly enhances the client’s quality of life in so many ways.

Caregiving is a complex role with a unique set of responsibilities. These responsibilities can change over time as the care needs of the person change. Despite the adversity they face, caregivers can look to PWC for help.

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