CMHA Mental Health Week: May 4 - 10, 2020

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

With the COVID-19 mandate for physical distancing, along with the impact this new virus has on individuals, people in our community may feel especially isolated and alone. The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) defines loneliness as “the subjective human experience of not having sufficient social connections”.

As public spaces close, and visitor restrictions are imposed, people who live at home alone are cut off abruptly from society, which can lead to mental health issues including depression and anxiety. A 2018 Study from Ipsos/Cigna found loneliness had the same impact on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Losing social connection can lead to motivational loss to eat healthy, be active, or take care of oneself.

For many years, the Peachland Wellness Centre has provided people the opportunity to participate in social events, such as Coffee Dates, Sunshine Singers, Wellness Circles, and Tai Chi. But with the mandate to practice physical distancing, and in some cases isolation (for people with COVID-19 symptoms), this has left many of our participants feeling lonely, isolated and secluded.

To combat the ill effects of physical distancing, PWC is making “check-in” phone calls to our participants and using online technology to set up “Zoom” meetings for virtual social program gatherings.

Many Peachlanders are tech savvy but may not have the best devices to participate in virtual PWC programs, family gatherings or online activities. Using a small screen device restricts the ability to see all the smiling faces of your friends in one view. Tablets make participating in online activities much more enjoyable.

That is why the Peachland Wellness Centre launched our PWC Connects: Tablet Drive to ensure that everyone has access to technology that allows them to participate in our virtual PWC “Zoom” Programs, and remain connected to friends and loved ones during this challenging time.

PWC is asking you to donate your new or used tablets so that someone without access to this technology can remain connected. If you do not have any tablets, PWC is also accepting monetary donations for tablet purchase. Go to the PWC donation page or the Peachland Chamber, arrange for E-Transfer to christina.pwc@outlook.com. You can also call the PWC and make arrangements to drop off your cheque or cash with one of our staff members at our safe drop-off site. Simply call the Peachland Wellness Centre at (250) 767-0141 before stopping by.

Just as social isolation causes health problems, being socially connected can have enormous positive effects on mental health.

Help us help others by donating to the PWC Connects: Tablet Drive.

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