2021 ART & GARDEN TOUR JUNE 12TH, 2021

We find something deeply interesting about the idea of growing food, flowers, and herbs in our own garden space. Being in a garden is an “experience of nature” while being surrounded by all the plants and shrubs. The definition of nature is “the physical world collectively including plants, animals, the landscape, and other products of the earth” which are all interconnected.

Peachland Community Garden

Community gardens capture the value of gardening as a community and support spaces for those who wish to participate and engage in the community through gardening. Gardens transform under-utilized spaces to grow food and provide personal benefits. Gardeners create a better understanding of what it means to be inclusive and how to create public spaces that are welcoming and respectful of our environment.

The Peachland Wellness Centre is participating in the Art & Garden Tour this year and would like to show our support for the 2021 Art & Garden Tour. PWC welcomes all to tour our PWC Community Garden which is a place to grow your own food, flowers, and socialize with others.

Peachland Wellness Centre volunteers and staff will be on hand to provide nice cold lemonade and answer any questions about our programs and services.

Enter for our door prize located at the lemonade stand. There will also be tour day specials provided by local businesses (see your ticket).

This event will comply with all COVID guidelines so please bring masks, keep your distance, and be kind to everyone.

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