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PWC wants to ensure that you have access to services that you may otherwise not have access to.

We want to make sure that our services are not just stationary, but mobile; coming to your home and helping you live & maintain a healthy life.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there are modifications to this service. Please contact PWC for more information.

This service helps people remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible. 


The individual service plan may include ongoing monthly or weekly visits from the Services Coordinator.

The plan may include other services provided through the PWC such as a friendly visiting/calling volunteer or transportation. Often, the plan includes offering information or registration in programs outside PWC such as a referral to Community Care, Pharmacist, Physician, or other professional.

Outreach is a support service and not designed to replace any medical or health Professional services.


Outreach service may help a person to deal with immediate or short-term problems (e.g. after a hospital discharge) or assist with a continuing need. We make sure participants are aware of the many benefits of participating in programs and services at the PWC.


Information is provided for those needing help with house cleaning, or light home maintenance, through Better at Home. If transportation is an obstacle in getting to the PWC, a doctor's appointment or grocery shopping, participants are connected with the PWC transportation service. Or if they just need to someone to talk to, we arrange for a Friendly Visitor/Caller.


We strive to support all ages and residents of Peachland; however, with the Peachland demographics the majority who call or request help are 65 plus and need help to remain at home independently.

Who do I contact for assistance?

Contact one of our Services Coordinators at (250) 767-0141. Referrals to the service come from individuals themselves, family, health professionals or even a concerned friend or neighbor. New participants are contacted directly by the Services Coordinator and interviewed at their home, where their background, current circumstances, family status, mental and physical health and support needs are assessed.


Following the assessment a personal service plan is developed.

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