To our dear readers: Happy International Day of Friendship, July 30, 2018, from the Peachland Wellness Centre (PWC)! This day, marked by the UN as the “promotion of a culture of peace” through a “shared spirit of human solidarity” (in other words, friendship) focuses on developing values of friendship and altruism through education.

While at the PWC, each day sees an abundance of friendship, inclusivity and empathy, the International Day of Friendship celebrates the power of inclusion that is facilitated when individuals from different cultures and walks of life connect during PWC’s programs and services as volunteers and participants. We understand that no man is an island. We also understand, however, that people sometimes struggle to make friends, but that their friendships often blossom in the sincerest way. Here at PWC, Friendly Visitor is a service that aims to enhance the well-being of all those involved, by having volunteers regularly visit another person. We also run a Wellness Circle and a variety of coffee groups from September to June. We are grateful for the contributions of all our volunteers. Truly, human interaction is a necessity to survival, but developed friendships are essential to individuals’ well-being. To further emphasize the fact, our community gardens are a great way for existing residents as well as new immigrants to Peachland to weave a safety net and develop strong ties of trust for the greater good. Following the UN’s encouragement for organizations, governments and community groups to hold events, we ask that you spread the noble and valuable sentiment of friendship everywhere you go – starting with the PWC! Be a part of any one of our programs and services such as Friendly Visitor, Wellness Circle, or a coffee or support group. For more information, please do not hesitate to call your friend, the Peachland Wellness Centre at 250-767-0141 anytime from 9am-3pm, Monday to Friday.

Friendship and its power for change lives on. So, spread good vibes today and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

Muskaan Nagi

Inclusion Facilitator

Peachland Wellness Centre

4426 5th Street

Peachland, BC

V0H 1X6

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