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Friendly Visitor/Caller Service provides companionship, friendship, and support to seniors and adults who feel lonely, are isolated in their homes and/or are living with a mental illness

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there are modifications to this service. Please contact PWC for more information.

Individuals who are isolated or in need of more social interaction are visited or called weekly by one of the PWC Service Coordinators or trained Volunteers. The visitors/callers are cheerful and supportive for the needs and likes of the clients building trust and respect. All information is with the utmost confidentiality.

PWC can help arrange for a volunteer to visit or call you on a weekly or occasional basis. 

Due to Covid-19, friendly visits have been suspended, these may include a cup of tea in the home, a walk in the park, a game of cards, baking or making crafts.

Friendly Callers service, on the other hand, continues with no interruption during Covid-19.

Friendly Visitor/Caller is a support service and is not designed to replace any medical or health professional services.

How do I request a Visitor/Caller?

To request a Friendly Visitor or Friendly Caller, simply contact a PWC Services Coordinator at (250)767-0141.

Is there a cost?

No fee is required.

How can I become a Friendly Visitor/Caller?

Please fill out the volunteer form and PWC will contact you.


"As a friendly visitor I wasn’t really expecting it to be so rewarding."

—  Faye

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