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Friendly Visitor/Caller

Friendly Visitor/Caller Service provides companionship, friendship, and support to seniors and adults who feel lonely, are isolated in their homes and/or are living with a mental illness

Individuals who are isolated or in need of more social interaction are visited or called weekly by one of the PWC Service Coordinators or trained Volunteers. The visitors/callers are cheerful and supportive to the needs and likes of the clients.

All information is TREATED with the utmost confidentially.

PWC can help arrange for a volunteer to visit or call you on a weekly or occasional basis. 

Friendly Visitor/Caller is a support service and is not designed to replace any medical or health professional services.

How do I request a Visitor/Caller?

To request a Friendly Visitor or Friendly Caller, simply contact the PWC Services Coordinator at (250)767-0141.

Is there a cost?

There is no cost for this service.

How can I become a Friendly Visitor/Caller?

Please fill out the volunteer form and PWC will contact you.


"As a friendly visitor I wasn’t really expecting it to be so rewarding."

—  Faye

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