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Community Gardens

Community Gardens

Community Gardens are available at the Peachland Wellness Centre. It is a great place to grow your food and meet other gardeners.  Also, support the Peachland Boys & Girls Club as they grow their own garden in our backyard!

Community Gardens have a tremendously positive impact for residents, neighbourhoods, communities and the environment!  According to one source, Community Gardens are one of the most powerful tools we have to help build our families and neighborhoods. They help to make us and our communities resilient .  Community Gardens have ecological benefits , social benefits , nutritional benefits , and economic benefits.


Here are the top 36  benefits of community gardens…can you name some more?


  1. People consume high amounts of vegetables and fruits which promotes health.
  2. It is relaxing and combats stress.
  3. Improves mental health.
  4. Provides better access to healthy local food.
  5. Improves physical activity level.
  6. Helps to keep  cognitive outputs as you age.
  7. Promote responsibility and good work habits particularly for youth.
  8. Shown to reduce children’s involvement in drugs, smoking and sexual activity.
  9. Improves food security for a neighborhood.
  10. Helps to provide culturally appropriate food.
  11. Increases food knowledge ,growing , harvesting and cooking.
  12. Youth gardens have a life long impact on lifetime dietary behaviour.
  13. Community gardens are a sanctuary for an urban environment , cuts urban stress.
  14. Improves community relationships and help community building.
  15. Increases people’s pride in their community.
  16. Gardens serve as outdoor community centres and cultural centres.
  17. Many community gardens donate food to local food programs.
  18. It increases rates of home ownership.
  19. Increases property value.
  20. Makes the community safer by reducing crime rates.
  21. Vacant lots are developed for a positive purpose.
  22. Increased green space in a neighborhood has been linked to less graffiti.
  23. Natural community watch communities form from community gardens.
  24. Great place to get information on your neighborhood.
  25. It builds self esteem.
  26. It is cost savings to your grocery budget – an investment of 10 dollars can bring a value of 500 to 700 dollars a season.Benefits of Community Gardening
  27. Shortens commodity chain for improved nutrition and ecological benefits.
  28. Reduces “heat island ” effect in an urban environment.
  29. Cheaper for municipalities to keep up a garden space than a green space.
  30. Composting saves on landfill space.
  31. Decrease in emissions.
  32. Cuts down on food packaging.
  33. Reduces soil erosion.
  34. Helps clean air pollution.
  35. A place to learn about different cultures through their food.
  36. Community gardens are a hands on learning experience for youth and this leads to better academic performance and social skills.

Contact the PWC in early Spring to reserve your plot.