Peachland Wellness Centre
Wellness Bears – Purchase from PWC!

Wellness Bears – Purchase from PWC!

Wellness Bears
Wellness Bears are looking for families to go home to!

“Wellness Bears” is a program that brings great joy to the PWC as new homes are found for these soft, cuddly personalities, reflecting life in Peachland. Adorned with sunhats and surfboards in the summertime and toques, mittens and skis in the winter these adorable bears are a constant reminder of the good things we experience in life.

You may purchase your own Wellness Bear and request a unique outfit to fit the occasion! The large bears cost $25 and the small bears cost $20.

Contact the PWC to pick your new addition to your home or as a gift for someone special!  For other ways to support the Peachland Wellness Centre please click here.  Want more information about the creator of the Peachland Wellness Bears?  Click here:

Wellness Bears 4
Wellness Bears enjoy time out in the sunny Okanagan!
Wellness Bears 3
A Wellness Bear takes care while resting on the beach in Peachland




Wellness Bears 2
Wellness Bears take a ‘selfie’ on the dock at Peachland