Peachland Wellness Centre
Baby Friendly Cafe

Baby Friendly Cafe

DATES:   Second and last Tuesday of each month  (September – June)

This symbol means this is a “Baby Friendly” place! It encourages parents in the care of their babies.

TIME:     11 a.m.

The Baby Friendly Café is offered twice/month (the second and last Tuesday of each month) to provide peer support, professional information sessions, and a comfortable environment for parents to share their experiences of caring for their infants.

All are welcome!  Coffee and goodies are provided.                                                                                                         

www.Healthy From the Start   (Interior Health)   (La Leche League International)


Breastfeeding The Right-Brained Way

  • Start with a calm and alert baby
  • Watch for early feeding cues
  • Use your body to calm your baby
  • Lay back, let gravity help hold baby
  • Follow your baby’s lead
  • Play while you and your baby learn to breastfeed